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  • XL-T965 Online Printing Labeling Machine

XL-T965 Online Printing Labeling Machine

Applicable to the bar code labeling of a variety of planar products, can print the bar code while labeling, supporting the packaging production line
Product Description

Customer case:



* applicable to a variety of planar products bar code labeling, can print bar code, side label.

* production line of supporting packaging can be customized according to customer needs




Label specification

Adhesive, sticker, transparent or opaque

Labeling Tolerance






1)    Control system: Japanese Panasonic control system, with high stability and extremely low failure rate.

2)    Operation System: Color touch screen, directly visual interface easy operation, Chinese and English available, Easily to adjust all electrical parameters and have counting function, which is helpful; for production management.

3)    Detection System: Using German SICK label sensor and Japanese Panasonic sensor, which are sensitive to label and product, thus ensure high accuracy and stable labeling performance , Greatly saves labor.

4)    Alarm Function: The machine will give an alarm when problem occur, such as label spill, label broken, or other malfunctions.

5)    Machine Material : The machine and spare parts all use material stainless steel and anodized senior aluminum alloy, with high corrosion resistance and never rust.

6)    Equipment with a voltage transformer to adapt to local voltage.

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